Moreland-Bell Upfield Trail
Major rebuild of Upfield Trail announced

The Bell-Moreland level crossing project will deliver a new, broad and dedicated bike trail along the Upfield line in Coburg and Brunswick.

The trail will run under the elevated rail structure that will take trains above Bell, Munro, Reynard Streets and Moreland Road.

The project also includes pedestrian footpaths and open space initiatives.

As with the Caulfield to Dandenong level crossing project, the use of elevated tracks has again provided a tremendous opportunity to improve local connections, active travel routes, public transport and community amenity for neighbourhoods along the route.

The existing Upfield path, although popular with riders, is seriously compromised in terms of comfort, safety and capacity.

The new path will be mostly straight and direct, and at least three metres, up to possibly four, in width.

People on foot will have their own path on the opposite side of the track.

There are separate road crossings for walkers and riders, and signalised crossings at Bell, Moreland and Munro, with a bike priority crossing at Reynard Street.

Lighting will be vastly better, improving safety at night, and sight-lines will meet contemporary standards.

There will be 86 new bike parking spaces at Coburg Station and 46 new spaces at Moreland Station.

Over the last 12 months, Bicycle Network has provided input to the design process and the result to date has been some sound, bike-friendly design choices. Some details are still to be finalised, with many unknowns. 

Getting the details right will be important as the government has announced that the project will be constructed at express speed, with a three month intensive build involving 1,000 workers later next year. 

Such a fast and intensive construction phase will cause considerable dislocation. Obviously the Upfield path will be closed for an extended period.

Discussions are underway regarding potential detours.

Local community groups such as the Upfield Corridor Coalition and Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield are also actively advocating for improved bike infrastructure as part of the project.  

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