South Gippsland seeks better bike routes

As bike riding continues to become more popular across regional Victoria, South Gippsland has launched a mapping exercise to identify the good and the bad aspects of bike routes across the shire.

And it wants your input.

South Gippsland has some great riding country with rolling hills, picturesque farmland and enticing beaches.

As Melbourne grows to the south-east, more people are coming within reach of weekends away with friends, family and bikes, adding to the many local people who are getting into riding for health, recreation and commuting.

Now the shire is looking at ways to improve the on road experience and safety of riders as they criss-cross the district on local roads.

It is using the CrowdSpot mapping tool to identify hotspots that need attention.

Riders can use the tool to pinpoint the locations that they consider risky, and to provide feedback on potential improvements.

Likewise riders can identify the routes they like to ride best.

In this way the council can gather information with could lead to the optimisation of some routes to provide a high quality experience, and attract more riders.

Make your contribution here. 

It does not matter if you suggestions are for roads that are actually in a neighbouring shire, as this information will be available to other councils to make use of so improvements and upgrades don’t stop at the border.

The CrowdSpot map will also enable you to make comments regarding issues for motor vehicles, as that information may also be helpful.

To add a spot to the map, follow these steps:

  • Click the big Add a Spot button.
  • Drag the map to position the marker at your location.
  • Complete the form that pops up and press submit.
  • Say what you like (or dislike) about these spots in the comments section.

Submissions will be collected via this website until 5th November 2019.

The project has been assisted by a grant from the Transport Accident Commission.

The second part of this work is the development a local working group to collaborate with South Gippsland's Road Safety Committee.

The Shire has a parallel project working on truck safety.

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