Talitha Fishburn
Sydney barrister offers huge reward for return of beloved bicycle

A determined barrister in Sydney has offered a $1000 reward and free legal advice (no questions asked) for the return of her beloved, recently stolen, bicycle.

Talitha Fishburn's 'one of a kind' bicycle was stolen on Clarence street in Sydney's CBD last Tuesday.

But it's clearly more than just a bike to Talitha, who describes it in a quirky community campaign as a "joy machine" and "my life blood".

Acknowledging that the police are "pretty busy", Talitha took things in to her own hands and turned to the power of the community. Her video campaign has since had over 13,000 views.

The rare Riese & Müller brand bicycle was imported from Germany, and is valued at $7,500.

"People have been really kind. I'm impressed actually that we have such a lovely and responsive community," she told Yahoo News.

The bike requires a key and computer to start it meaning the thief is unable to ride it.

"They're probably only going to sell it for a couple hundred bucks. This way they can get a bonus," she said.

On top of the $1000 dollar reward, the barrister has offered free legal advice, no questions asked, if it is returned or for information leading to its retrieval.

In a recent update on her Facebook account, Talitha has released 'Chapter 2 of The Red Bicycle', which is CCTV of the suspected thief. The reward still stands.

Any useful information for Talitha should be directed to her email:

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