Q&A with Justin from GoGet

Bicycle Network recently had a chat with Justin Passaportis, the Victorian and South Australian General Manager of car share company GoGet, and found we actually have a lot in common. 

Similarly to Bicycle Network, GoGet have a vision for Australia where we rely less on personal vehicle ownership and prioritise active travel, public transport – and of course, car sharing – to create healthier and happier communities.

Here's what Justin had to say: 

Justin, as the GM of GoGet, we're curious: how many personal vehicles do you have?

Well, the answer would be approximately zero automobiles! But fortunately our family has three two wheeled bikes, two push scooters, one trike, one radio flyer and access to hundreds of GoGets to keep us on the move.

You mentioned you family... how do you make it work with no car?

Yes, we're a family of four including two bubs – a three year old and a two year old. We've made a conscious decision not to own a vehicle of our own and have actually been car-free since we arrived in Melbourne 10 years ago.

Of course we're also fortunate to live in a place where this is possible – supported by good public transport options in an area considered a "walker's paradise."

A bonus is that we turned our redundant driveway into a car share pod which the whole community has access to, including us (highly recommend anyone else with a spare parking spot to do the same!)

We've become pretty good at planning our travels, often starting with the question "do we really need a car for that journey?" Most often we get by with active or public transport, but every now and again (think picking mates up from the airport or hauling flat pack furniture home from IKEA), we use car share.

How do you get to and from work? 

By velocipede! (Looks like someone knows their history of the bike!)

Good to hear! Do you find it easy to incorporate riding to work into your daily routine?

Actually, I've just taken the plunge and bought an electric bike. I'm loving it! I commute from Preston in Melbourne, so just shy of 20km a day. A lot of the ride is along a tree-lined shared track on St George's Road which is lovely, and makes the daily commute very easy and stress free.

It's great beating the traffic and not having to think about timetables. I also get a kick from the fact that it costs around 20 cents to charge the ebike, which is good for about 50kms. A cheap and sustainable option!

I still haven't given up my push bike though – a 1989 Japanese racer which I use for incidental trips.

Do you find it easier to ride a bike than drive somewhere?

Cycling just makes sense for me. Who doesn't want a guaranteed park right outside your destination? You'd also be surprised what you can carry with you in panniers or on your back.

If my transport habits were a recipe, it would be two parts riding to each part walking, a scoop of public transport and a sprinkling of car share!

Sounds like a good recipe! Can you tell us more about car sharing?

Car sharing is a relatively new concept in Australia, but its gaining traction. It provides a reliable, convenient and affordable alternative to owning a car, by having access to a fleet of share cars. You pay a monthly membership and don't have to worry about expenses such as registration, insurance, maintenance or even fuel! Best of all, it removes unused cars from our streets and driveways. 

We like to say its like owning a car with all of the plus, but none of the fuss!

(You can learn more about GoGet here)

Who do you think should consider using car share?

There really is a car share option to suit everyone. Whether it's in lieu of a primary or secondary family vehicle, we have plans for students to seniors, businesses, pet friendly cars and cars with baby seats.

GoGet also has a wardrobe of vehicle options to choose from. The commercial vans are some of my favourites – you can fit an entire apartment of stuff in them.

We see a lot of people sell their second cars once they begin using GoGet.

Now, I understand that GoGet has proposed an offer to Bicycle Network members?

That's right! We've got both a sign-up offer and booking promos to take advantage of:

As a Bicycle Network member, you have the option of:

  • Signing up to our GoFrequent plan free for one month (save $55) or;
  • Signing up to our GoStarter plan free for one year (save $49)

We'll also have special discounts on offer each month exclusive to Bicycle Network members.

Bicycle Network members can access these GoGet promotions via the button below.

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Similarly, GoGet members can save $50 off a Bicycle Network membership via the button below.

Thank you for the chat Justin!

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