Car sharing is caring

Bicycle Network talking about the benefits of cars? No, we haven't been hacked. We've actually found a valuable ally on our mission to help build a healthier and happier Australia — GoGet Carshare.

GoGet is Australia's largest car sharing network, with over 3,500 vehicles parked across the country for their members to access if and when they need them by simply booking a vehicle online, and then tapping their membership card to unlock the vehicle.

It's a brilliant idea. But for Bicycle Network, the alliance runs a little deeper than innovative technology.

In spite of the ugly "Us vs Them" picture that the media likes to paint about bike riders and car drivers, the fact is the two groups heavily co-exist.

Most bike riders are also occasional car drivers, and just about every car driver has at some stage enjoyed the pure enjoyment of riding a bike — and would like to do so again.

But yes, we do strongly believe that private car ownership is a key contributor to the health and congestion crises that have a stranglehold on our country.

There's no denying it: we're getting fatter, the ozone layer is getting thinner, and our car-centric city designs are slowly choking themselves to death.

But we also know that it's pretty hard to help your mate move into his new apartment on your pushbike, and giving your mum a lift home from the airport on your handlebars is tricky... not to mention illegal.

After chatting with GoGet General Manager Justin Passaportis earlier in the year, we quickly recognised an ally to help bridge this gap.

GoGet & Bicycle Network:

  • Aim to provide an alternative to private car ownership
  • Believe that active transport should be prioritised over trips by car
  • Are actively seeking a solution to congestion issues in our cities
  • Are committed to helping create cleaner and greener communities
  • Have a grand vision for a healthier and happier Australia

For times when two wheels just won't cut it, car sharing provides a convenient and affordable alternative to private car ownership.

Take a closer look, and the tangible benefits of car sharing for both society and the individual are hard to ignore.

Saving money
With car sharing you can avoid expensive overheads such as insurance, registration, parking, maintenance and even fuel.

A more active society
The essence of car sharing promotes using a vehicle only when you need to, which helps encourage more people to adopt active transport whenever possible.

Less traffic and congestion
By removing unused cars clogging up our streets with on-street parking and encouraging people to only use cars when they really need to.

Less air pollution
Fewer vehicles and more modern vehicles improves air quality. Cleaner air means happier people, and less money spent on healthcare. 

Newer vehicles
Car share vehicles are used more than private cars, and also replaced more frequently. Newer cars tend to be more efficient, cleaner, and quieter.

New technology can be adopted faster
As car share vehicles are replaced more frequently than private vehicles, if there is a major technology shift (like electric cars, or compulsory anti-dooring technology) this can be more quickly integrated into society. 

For these reasons and many more, we've seen a rise in the popularity of ride sharing services like GoGet since being introduced in Australia in the early 2000s. 

And we expect this trend to continue to flourish, as more and more Australian residents and decision makers join the search for a solution to a healthier and happier nation.

You can learn more about the Bicycle Network and GoGet partnership, and receive access to exclusive discounts for members via the button below.


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