Tassie Bike News Bites
New maps point you to bike parking

Some of our volunteers are undertaking the task of creating Open Source maps for Tasmania which show useful information for bike riders, such as bike parking and where there are bike lanes and off-road paths.

They are starting with the bike parking layer of the map and you can see how much as already been done at this link:

When you click on a bike parking icon it gives you information about whether it’s covered, how many bikes can be parked there and the style of parking, e.g. stands, post hoops or wall loops.

This is a volunteer effort rather than a systematic mapping of every possible piece of infrastructure, so if you have suggestions for bike parking, please send them to, including all the relevant information.

Parking Day bigger and better this year

Bicycle Network Tasmania participated in the global PARKing Day activities on Friday 20 September by providing valet bike parking, alongside local businesses and the Young Planners group in Elizabeth Street, Hobart. 

PARKing Day aims to illustrate other uses for space devoted to on-street parking.

Bicycle Network promoted bike parking during PARKing Day as conversion of on-street car parking to general roadway would create the space for safe, separated bike lanes and more bike parking.

While an ageing community like Tasmania’s needs all abilities car parking at ground level and loading zones for businesses, most people can park in off-street facilities and still be close enough to their destination.

Critical Mass Hobart gets legs

The people who organised last month's Critical Mass Hobart were so happy with the turnout they are doing it again, this time on Friday 27 September.

Meeting at 5.30pm at Hobart Brewing Company in Evans Street, the organisers will post the route in the Facebook page beforehand if you want to join along the way.

Peloton against plastic screens in Hobart & Launceston

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson is hosting the makers of the documentary Peloton against Plastic for screenings in Launceston on 10 October and Hobart on 11 October.

The documentary follows a group of people as they ride their bicycles from Hanoi to Bangkok, meeting the locals who are tackling plastic pollution and providing inspiration. 

The screenings will include a Q&A with the film-makers afterwards and tickets are $10–15, available online through the Facebook events.

Launceston: 6.30–9.30 pm, Three Kings, 99 Elphin Rd, Newstead

Hobart: 6–9 pm, Dechaineux Theatre, 41 Hunter Street 

DEC development missing bike connections

We've found one minor mention of bike trails in the LK Property Group proposal for the Derwent Entertainment Centre and surrounds.

If the area is developed it provides the opportunity to build links to the Intercity Cycleway and dedicated bike paths around the waterfront and to Lutana.

We've written to the Glenorchy City Council and LK Property Group about the potential for active transport links, and will follow this up with them if their bid is accepted.

Wild Mersey MTB Stage 2 on the way

The Kentish Council has released the development application for stage 2 of the Wild Mersey mountain bike tracks.

Stage 2 will see the network expand into the Badgers Range and Kimberley’s Lookout between Railton and Sheffield.

You can comment on the plans to the General Manager by 4.30pm on Saturday, 5 October 2019 via mail at PO Box 63 Sheffield 7306 or email