First E-bike Expo heads to Launceston

We’re heading to Launceston for our first ever E-bike Expo on Sunday 27 October featuring e-bike sellers from the north and north-west of the state.

Bicycle Network Tasmania has been holding an E-bike Expo in Hobart for the past few years but this will be the first northern expo.

The E-bike Expo provides people with the opportunity to test ride an electric bicycle in a comfortable environment away from traffic.

Royal Park has grassy slopes which are perfect for running a bike up and down to get a sense of the motor’s power and level of assistance.

As there will be several shops and private sellers with stalls, there will be a variety of bikes to try, from tough-as-nails mountain bikes to small folding bikes that sit on the back of a caravan.

E-bikes can transform transport habits

For many people the expos are the first time they’ve tried an e-bike and the experience can open their eyes to what e-bikes have to offer over a push-bike or car.

E-bikes can help people ride longer distances and get to where they are going a lot quicker. This means they become a viable transport option as they need less effort, riders don’t get sweaty and they remove barriers to riding like steep hills.

They are also getting cheaper each year, so that good quality e-bikes capable of handling Launceston’s hills are now within reach of many more people. Their running costs are also attractive, with a standard battery lasting 50–80 km costing about 10–15 cents to charge.

E-bike Expo details

The E-bike Expo will run from 10 am until 2 pm at Royal Park in Launceston.

If you’d like to see a bit of Launceston’s trail network while you’re there, join the Tamar Bicycle Users Group in an expo warm-up ride, starting at 9.30 am at Park Street next to Royal Park. 

The riders will head out on the trail network before returning to Royal Park to enjoy the expo.  

Thanks to the Tasmanian Government and Weeding Hire for providing sponsorship of the expo and for volunteers from Bicycle Network and Tamar Bicycle Users Group.