Major impacts on St Kilda Road

Major works around the future Anzac Station site on St Kilda Road over the next two weeks will put the squeeze on bike riders.

It will be rideable, but keep your wits about you.

An intensive construction phase will move the tram tracks across the road to enable further escalation of the station box under the Domain Junction.

At present there are two massive holes in the ground and traffic weaves between them. Soon they will be linked up.

As the trams tracks have to be moved, the tram services will be shut down and replaced by an army of buses.

Space is tight during the construction blitz, and riders will need to take extra care, especially in the first few days as road users adjust to the hectic conditions.

Bicycle Network has liaised closely with Melbourne Metro, its contractors and local government to plan traffic management during this period.

Riders will have options. 

Heading southbound, confident riders can stay in the traffic lane with buses and cars, where 30km/h speed limits will apply. The current bike lane will be occupied by a replacement bus parking area.

The rest of us can use the shared user path that runs adjacent to the Shrine Parklands.

Northbound, the section of cycle lane on St Kilda Road adjacent to Albert Reserve will be occupied during construction, and confident riders will have the option to stay in the single lane of traffic through this section. Speed limits in this section will be reduced to 30km/h.

The rest of us have a slightly convoluted route around and through the works. The is a detour down Albert Road South, were riders will need to walk the bike 40 metres through Albert Reserve, and resume cycling on St Kilda Road via Albert Road North.

There will be intensive traffic management, and extensive signage and lane markings, all of which will require attentiveness by riders.

Riders should also be aware that as part of the Metro Tunnel Project, the Moray Street bike path has been updated to provide cyclists with a safe and reliable alternative north-south route during Metro Tunnel Works on St Kilda Road.
The works will be on the go 24/7 from 13-27 October 2019.

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