bike parking
Salesforce builds Australia's biggest bike shed

When tech giant Salesforce open their $1.5 billion Circular Quay headquarters in 2021, they'll also be unveiling the country's biggest underground bike shed in the basement.

Builder Lendlease's plans reveal 700 secure bike parking spots, stating that 250 of these will be available to the public via "Sydney's first public bike hub" ran by the City of Sydney.

The plans describe the facility as "sitting directly beneath the George Street Plaza" with 250 spots "available to anyone who rides into the city... on a low-cost membership basis through the City of Sydney."

It is proposed that public users will also get access to a "bicycle maintenance station".

For Salesforce employees (and any other paying tenants), the remaining 450 bike parking bays will be complimented by "world-class end-of-trip facilities" which will likely include hot showers, fluffy towels, lockers and a "sweats service" to launder your lycra between trips. 

This followers a trend in cashed-up tech companies leading the way in employee perks, specifically regarding bike riding.

In 2016, Google launched their Bike Vision with hopes to double the number of employees riding bikes, and make it easier for everyone to travel by bike in overcrowded Silicon Valley. 

This included providing access to over 1,000 bicycles and e-bikes for employees, installing hundreds of bike parks inside and around their campus, and upgrading their internal shuttle to include bike racks and storage.

Of course, most businesses don't have the resources of Google, but there are plenty companies around Australia who are investing in the health and well-being of their staff by promoting active transport. 

In the lead up to National Ride2Work Day next week, you can find some tips on how to build a more bike-friendly culture at your workplace at