2 wheels beat 4 in Ride2Work Day Commuter Challenge

Two wheels have beaten four in this year’s Ride2Work Day Commuter Challenge, which saw six different transport options from South Hobart to the waterfront.

“We’ve started running the Commuter Challenge on Ride2Work Day to show how long each transport option takes on the same route,” Bicycle Network Tasmania’s Public Affairs Manager, Alison Hetherington, said.

“But it’s not just about which mode is quicker. Options like riding a bike also provide health benefits and save you money so your daily commute is more than just transport.

“This year we ran the challenge from the Cascade Brewery to the Ride2Work Day breakfast on Morrison Street.

“The pushbike rider took back streets and got there in 10 minutes, the e-bike rider took the Rivulet Path and got there in 13 minutes, followed by the motorbike and motor scooter riders also at 13 minutes via different road routes, the car driver in 14 minutes straight down Macquarie Street and the bus passenger in 32 minutes.

“The challenge shows the convenience of bicycles and motorbikes and also illustrates the need for buses to get dedicated road lanes so they can be a viable alternative to private cars.

“E-bikes are an option many people may not have thought about, but they are quick, cheap to run and riders don’t need a shower but still get in some daily exercise.

“The challenge reflects the true nature of commuting as the car driver and motorbike and bicycle riders all had to park as normal and walk the rest of the way to the breakfast.

Thank you to RACT, Motorcycle Riders Association, Hobart Motor Scooter Club and our volunteers for taking part in this year’s Commuter Challenge.

View the challenger participants getting ready to leave from Cascade Brewery and planning their route into the breakfast.

Pushbike: 10 minutes
E-bike: 13 minutes
Motorbike: 13 minutes
Motor scooter: 13 minutes
Car: 14 minutes
Bus: 32 minutes

Images: Natasha Mulhall Photography