Jail time unlikely for woman who killed Jason Lowndes

The woman who drove into and killed professional cyclist Jason Lowndes in 2017 will likely be given a sentence that does not include a prison term.

Billie Rodda, 22, from Bendigo, yesterday pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death at Bendigo County Court during a sentence indication hearing.

Bicycle Network attended the court hearing where Judge Wendy Wilmoth indicated that a custodial sentence may not be necessary. After the sentencing indication Ms Rodda changed her plea to guilty – she had previously plead not guilty to dangerous driving causing death, careless driving and using a mobile phone while driving.

In December 2017, Ms Rodda crashed her car into Jason Lowndes while driving on Sedgwick Road at Mandurang. 

The Bendigo Advertiser has summed up the hearing here.

The sentencing hearing will be held at Bendigo County Court in November.

Bicycle Network will continue to follow the case and make further comment after Ms Rodda’s sentence has been handed down.

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