Bike riders to rally around Central West NSW farmers

When you live in the city, it’s easy to ignore talk about our farmers struggling with drought.

With water in our taps and fresh food on our shelves, the idea that our regional farming communities are being crippled by the worst drought in decades, seems too far away and unbelievable.

However, as the severity of the drought impacting much of NSW begins to hit home, we can’t sit back and do nothing, especially since Central West NSW is home to our own Newcrest Orange Challenge

Our farmers are the backbone of our country and they desperately need our help. A lack of rain has meant that they’re struggling to feed their stock or water their crops.

For four years, the communities of Central West NSW have opened their doors, towns and roads for the bike riding community.

Now it’s our chance to rally around them.

While we’ll do everything we can to ensure that the Newcrest Orange Challenge doesn’t drain on necessary resources and supports local businesses, there’s more that we can do.

But we’re going to need help from Australia's generous bike riding community.

What can you do?  

  1. Enter the Newcrest Orange Challenge and stay for the weekend – come and eat in the restaurants, buy local produce and inject money into the local economy
  2. Buy at least one bale of hay to support our farmers whether you’re riding in the event or not (scroll to the add-ons section of our shop).

Five $20 bales of hay feeds a cow for one week. We’re hoping to raise more than $10,000 to buy a semi-trailer load and transport of hay for our farmers who need it most in the region.

We’ll lead by example and kick it off by buying the first 100 bales.

All funds raised by Bicycle Network as part of the Newcrest Orange Challenge will go towards Buy a Bale charity.

This is our chance to show Central West NSW that bike riders care and we want to see our farmers and regional communities thrive.  

Enter now Buy a BALE