E-bikes get festive for Hobart Pageant

It’s been a few years, but bike riders will be showing Hobartians how to get into the Christmas spirit this year at the Hobart Pageant on Saturday 16 November.

A group of Bicycle Network’s electric bicycle enthusiasts have got together to form the Charge of the E-bikes entry.

They will be riding their electric bicycles, albeit at a very very slow pace and with appropriate tinsel accessorising and t-shirts, in the parade to showcase the different types of bicycles available.

The last time we are aware of a bicycle entry into the pageant was in 2009 when Healthy Transport Hobart riders donned Santa hats and flowers, showing the crowd practical riding tools like trailers for children.

The parade is on the weekend before Bicycle Network holds it’s E-bike Expo in Hobart and the intent of entering is to reinforce the option of electric bicycles for people wanting a healthier, more cost-effective mode of transport.

There will be some riders on modified bikes, recumbents and tricycles to show how bikes can help people who might not think they can ride because of age, disability or injury. The electric power assist is another benefit that can get people riding.

People who ride e-bikes regularly often find themselves explaining their bikes to passers-by and other riders. And our Show’n’Tell sessions at the E-bike Expo involving riders standing with their bikes and taking questions are one of the most popular features of the day.

The Charge of the E-bikes riders understand the power (pardon the pun) of deliberately showing people how easy the bikes are to ride which is why many of them volunteer their time for these kinds of educational activities.

The Hobart Myer Christmas Pageant will run from 10.30 am until 12 noon and usually travels along Argyle Street to Liverpool Street, then Harrington and Collins streets.  

If you have an e-bike and would like to be part of the entry, especially if you have a cargo e-bike, we’d be interested in you joining, just email us if you can make it.  

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