Online reporting tool to improve bike rider safety

A new, online bike crash reporting tool is being launched by Bicycle Network today to address a lack of data about the nature and causes of bike rider crashes in Australia.

290 bike rider crashes were reported to Bicycle Network by its members from 2018-19, however sometimes vital information can be missed, or some crashes not reported at all.

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards said the new online crash reporter will give people an easy way to report incidents and help improve bike riding conditions.

“Reporting and information on the number of crashes and how they were caused is poor, especially in off-road environments or when a car isn’t involved,” said Mr Richards.

“Bicycle Network’s crash reporter aims to build a map of hotspots and discover the common factors and causes to help decision-makers make Australia an easier and more comfortable place to ride.”

The online reporter is open to anyone who rides a bike in Australia. People can submit the details of crashes of any severity as well as near misses where they were involved in an incident but managed to keep riding.

People can mark the exact location of an incident on a map, note exactly what caused the incident and what impact or injury there may have been.

Currently, Bicycle Network members report crashes for insurance and medical purposes, but if a crash doesn’t result in injury it may not get reported.

“While riding a bike is not an inherently dangerous thing to do, we do think that there might be crashes we don’t hear about because there no easy place for Australians to report them,” added Mr Richards.

Of the 290 crashes reported to Bicycle Network in 2018-19, 93 per cent happened on the road and 47 per cent involved a direct collision with a motor vehicle. Almost one in 10 crashes reported was a car dooring.

30 per cent of riders who crashed sustained a fracture to the torso and 21 per cent a fracture to a limb. 15 per cent of crashes involved in a head injury.

“Information from our crash reporter can help us reduce the number of crashes that result in fractures and injuries and make bike riding easier for everyone.”

The crash reporter is available at

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Bike rider crash statistics 2018-19

  • 290 bike rider crashes were reported to Bicycle Network by members from July 2018 to June 2019.
  • 169 injuries were reported, equaling 58 per cent of all cases
  • 92% of reports were in Victoria. Majority of Bicycle Network members live in Victoria.
  • 61% of people who reported a crash were male
  • The median age of people who reported a crash was 51 years. The youngest person to report a crash was 16 years and the oldest 82 years.
  • 47% of crashes involved a motor vehicle, 38% were rider only, 12% rider-rider and 3% rider-pedestrian
  • 9% of crashes reported were car doorings
  • The point of impact was at the front or rear of the bike in 63% of collisions and to the left or right-hand side in 37% of collisions
  • 30% of injuries were fractures to the torso, 21% fractures to a limb, 15% skin injuries and 15% head injuries.

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