Plenty Road stage 2 underway

Now that stage 2 of the Plenty Road upgrade is underway, bike lanes are closed and a detour is in place.

The map linked below indicates the detour route, which utilises local trails, and was previously used during the Mernda rail extension project.


The detour takes advantage of trails between McDonalds Road South Morang to Plenty Road Mernda, north of Bridge Inn Road, with further detours back onto Plenty via Bush Boulevard.

Riders may continue to use the road, but there will be no bike facilities and risk will be elevated due to construction activities which will have a major impact.

At the end of the project there will be an off road path, and on road facilities, along the length of the project.

To build the new lanes on Plenty Road, two of the four lanes will close in areas and traffic moved over so the new road can be built.

One lane in each direction will be kept open.

Traffic controllers and on-road signage will be in place to guide you.

Locations and dates of changes:

McArthurs Road to Riverdale Boulevard – early November 2019 to late 2020

The Lakes Boulevard to McArthurs Road – late November 2019 to late 2020

Waterview Drive to Francesca Drive – December 2019 to late 2020

McDonalds Road to Highview Drive – late January 2020 to late 2020

There will be major works at the McDonalds Road intersection for three weeks in January 2020 to build the new median.

Crews will work day and night to complete three months’ work in three weeks.

Major access changes and lane closures will be in place. Plan for significant delays or seek an alternative route.

There will changes to speed limits and traffic lights and detours will be in place for local residents, cyclists and pedestrians.

Make sure you follow signage and traffic controllers’ instructions.

Electronic signage will be in place ahead of traffic changes to let you know what’s coming up.

Between Tuesday 3 December and Sunday 15 December, buses are also replacing trains on sections of the Mernda line, while the High Street level crossing in Reservoir is removed.

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