Collins Street truck entry upgrade

Improvements are being made to the truck entry location at the underground station construction site at City Square.

Riders on Collins Street will have already noticed pedestrian holding gates on the footpath, as well as a re-profiling of the truck entry across the footpath.

There will soon be large numbers of trucks using this entrance, crossing over the natural path that riders take down Collins Street to the Swanston Street intersection.

Currently bikes have a green treated zone between the car lane and the footpath to get them to the intersection.

However the green surface treatment is cracked and peeling, and cars frequently encroach.

Metro Tunnel contractors, under supervision of the City of Melbourne, are realigning and resurfacing the bike facility at this point.

Further measures will be taken to improve safety at the entry point.

There will be a gap in the green at the truck turn in point so that riders can better ascertain where trucks will turn.

Trucks will be required to come to a complete stop on the road before turning in.

A traffic controller will hold bikes in Collins Street as trucks turn.

When these changes go live riders will need to be particularly observant.

As Collins Street at this point is downhill bikes can be gathering speed if facing a green signal at Swanston. As well as monitoring the traffic lights they will also need to be watching the traffic controller who may be about to stop bikes as the truck enters the site.

Be alert for the traffic controllers and make sure you absolutely do stop when directed.

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