bicycle network rider rescue
Bicycle Network’s Rider Rescue is at the ready

Bike riders around Australia now have access to a special rescue service to help you if your bike breaks down or you get injured and need to go home.

Bicycle Network’s Rider Rescue will get you where you need to go when you can’t ride any further. If your bike suddenly breaks down and can’t be repaired, or you get an unexpected injury, you can make a quick phone call to Bicycle Network and a vehicle will be sent to collect you and your bike.

The service is available nationwide, as long as you are somewhere that a car can access.

How does it work?

Should you break down on the bike—whether you've busted a chain or torn a hammy—and you're registered for Rider Rescue, simply:

  1. Contact our Rider Rescue hotline on 1800 639 634 (available 6am-9pm daily).
  2. We will arrange a vehicle to collect you and your bike from your current location, to take you where you need to go next, with an average wait time of under 10 minutes in metro areas.
  3. Once your vehicle is booked, you will receive a text message with an estimated time of arrival and the driver's name and vehicle registration. You will also receive a link so that you can track your ride in real time!

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

With this initiative, you can ride with confidence knowing that Rider Rescue has your back if something goes wrong.

How can you get access?

You can sign up for 12 months of Rider Rescue coverage for just $50 per year, which includes up to 10 rescues. Bicycle Network members can sign up for $45.

For more information, including terms and conditions and FAQs, visit or call 1800 639 634 to find out more!