Outer suburban trails on track

A swathe of new trails across Melbourne’s outer suburbs are moving closer to construction with tenders soon to be set and construction scheduled for later in the year.

The new routes will be delivered as part of upgrades to arterial roads in the growing suburbs to Melbourne’s north and south east.

Government policy requires bike infrastructure to be included in nearly all such upgrades as a matter of course.

Work is already well underway on major upgrades in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

In the north, the Craigieburn Road project, which adds a shared path on both sides of the arterial from the Hume Highway to Mickleham Road, has attracted attention from three bidders and after a selection is made early in the new year, work is expected to start in mid-year.

This project will get rid of a number of notorious roundabouts and local intersections as well as proving a good route into Craigieburn Station and dedicated bus lanes in certain sections.

It's a similar story for Childs Road, where the sketchy section over the Darebin Creek and across the future road reserve will be duplicated with shared paths added.

A new bridge will go over the creek, providing the opportunity for riders on Childs Road to have a convenient connection the Darebin Creek Trail.

On Sunbury Road there will be a shared path on one side of the road from the township down as far as the Bulla-Diggers Rest Road.

Once a few more connections are made, this will be a good riding route for workers at the airport to get to Tullamarine from further out.

In the south east, sections of Hallam North Road and Heatherton Road will get new shared paths along the arterials, while nearby Pound Road West will see similar upgrades.

The Latham’s Road upgrade will deliver new shared paths between the Frankston-Dandenong Road and enhanced connectivity to Carrum Downs and Seaford.

All of these projects will go into detailed design once contractor are finalised.

Stay tuned for more information on these and other announced upgrades in the south east and north. Images with information about each upgrade are below.

Childs Road

Craigieburn Road

Hallam North Road

Lathams Road

Pound Road West

Sunbury Road

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