Road Safety Symposium
Road Safety Symposium

World leading experts will explore new avenues to improve safety on our roads at a symposium scheduled for Melbourne early next year.

Keynote speaker is Professor Fred Wegman of Delft University in Holland, an expert in Sustainable Safety, the approach used in the Netherlands.

Prof Wegman has previously worked in Australia and has helped develop the Safe Systems approach now deployed in Australian states.

John Merritt, formerly CEO of VicRoads, and a strong advocate for a better road environment for bike riders, will speak on the tough decisions facing governments seeking to achieve safer, more productive cities.

Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Woolley, Director at the Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide will speak on the findings from the Commonwealth’s Inquiry into National Road Safety Strategy, which were hardly flattering of the government.

The Symposium is at Melbourne Town Hall on Friday 13th March 2020. Registration is open now and the early bird rate is open for another week or so.

Registration details are here.

The event is being organised by the Institute of Sensible Transport with support from the City of Melbourne.

Other speakers include Meredith Glaser from the University of Amsterdam who looks at some unconventional approaches to achieving better safety and liveability outcomes.

Those attending will also hear Vijaya Vaidyanath, from the City of Yarra talk Lessons from Australia’s first 30km/h trial zone, its impacts and implications for future slow speed zones.

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