30km speed limit
Support growing for lower speed limits

Melbourne newspaper The Age has come out in support of lowering speed limits to make our streets safer.

In its editorial on Friday 6 December 2019, The Age says that the idea of lower speed limits should be "fully supported" in Victoria.

The piece talks about how lower speeds can reduce the number of lives lost on our roads – including people who ride bikes. 

It includes the statistic that someone has a 45 per cent chance of surviving if they are hit by a car travelling at 45km/h, but that at 30km/h the chance of survival increases to 90 per cent.

30km/h is the gold standard speed that should be applied in our local streets and is recommended by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

It is good to see public perception about speed limits changing and a desire to create more liveable streets.

Yarra council is now more than 12 months into its 30km/h speed trial in the streets bound by Alexandra Parade, Hoddle Street, Johnston Street and Nicholson Street.

And residents of a street in Toorak that was shut-off for level crossing removal works are now asking the council to keep the street permanently closed off at one end.

Reducing speed limits on our streets and making them less car dominant is an important step towards getting more people riding and creating a healthier Australia.

Click here to read The Age editorial Lower speed limits worth our support.

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