Help us design better women's jerseys

Feedback from some of our events has given us a clear message – the designs and fits of our jerseys are not right for many women.

We need to fix to this and would like to develop a range of cycling jerseys that work for women who ride and can be used across all of our events, from the Great Vic Bike Ride to Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.

To help us do this we are asking for women to be involved in the development process with Bicycle Network and our merchandise manufacturer HUB Cycling.

We want to create a focus group of women who ride to hear about what is important in jersey design, what does and doesn't work and what range of sizes need to be available.

Information gathered from the focus group will be used to design a range of jerseys for Bicycle Network events.

To get it right we need to have a range of different women who ride be involved – we will ask for feedback on jerseys with a race-fit for Peaks Challenge Falls Creek finishers as well as everyday jerseys for United Energy Around the Bay participants.

If you are interested in being involved you can apply for the focus group via Eventbrite. If you are part of the focus group there are a few things we will ask you to do.

Women's jersey focus-group activities

  • Attend one evening focus-group session at the Bicycle Network office in Melbourne (date and time TBC)
  • Be prepared to trial and give feedback and input on jerseys with different designs and fits
  • Attend a series of photo shoots in Melbourne throughout the design process

When registering your interest on Eventbrite we will ask for some details, including the jersey size you usually wear.

The focus group and jersey development process will be led by female team members from Bicycle Network in a supportive and encouraging environment. Any personal information discussed during the process will not be shared outside the focus group, but will help us make the best range of jerseys for women.

Click here to register your interest in being involved in the development of Bicycle Network's women's jerseys, or click the button below.

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