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Our first Rider Rescue

Supporting people who ride is what Bicycle Network does. We’re pleased to be able share this story of Rider Rescue subscriber, John, and his recent experience with the service.

On a cool and clear Friday morning John went out for a ride to Newport in Melbourne's south-west.

As (bad) luck would have it, he copped an irreparable blow-out about 20km from home. John’s first thought was to call his wife … and then he remembered that she was playing golf!

I was in a pretty isolated spot when I punctured, so I rolled my bike to a nearby location that I could provide to the Rider Rescue dispatchers.

When I rang, the first question I was asked was: ‘Are you in any immediate danger?’, which was comforting to hear.

While it took a while to get across my location, an Uber was eventually dispatched.

After the call, I received a message with the name and mobile number of the driver along with an ETA.

The Uber arrived as promised, and after adjusting the back seat so I could store my bike, we were ready to go!”

The experience for John was a positive one.

He was a very pleasant bloke and knew exactly where to take me without directions. There was no paperwork

Many of us have been in a similar situation, caught a little too far from home, without the means of fixing the problem or getting back easily.

Let Rider Rescue save you the hassle. For only $50 ($45 for existing Bicycle Network members) you get up to 10 call-outs per year, at a value of $50 per call-out.

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