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Moreland Council plan for more bike hoops at schools

Moreland Council is planning to roll out 100 bike hoops at primary and secondary schools within the municipality.

Under moreland's Integrated Transport strategy, the council will install 200 bike parking spaces (100 hoops) every year at various places in its jurisdiction.

Usually the hoops are installed at activity centers and buffer zones, however this year the council has decided on installing hoops to encourage children riding to school.

Local state MP Tim Read said that while installing the hoops was a good idea to get more kids riding to school, the hoops could be better installed at busier areas around the council.

Moreland Council has taken a number of positive steps to promote riding in the council such as the backing of Sydney Road bicycle lanes trial.

As a result of the ongoing parking restrictions being implemented by the council, they have decided against installing hoops in car parking bays in the municipality.

While commuter cyclists won't receive the hoops, school children are set to benefit.

Sam Brooks of Bicycle Network's Ride2School program said it was great to see councils funding bike hoops for schools, as the cost to installing new hoops was often a barrier for schools.

This sentiment was shared by Coburg High School, which already has a bike shed reaching capacity.

The council is voting on if the plan is to go ahead tonight, and if it is approved schools that participate in the Ride2School Program will be prioritised.

Mr Read suggested that locals contact the council to let them know where they think bike hoops should be installed.

Ultimately more bike hoops will provide more people the chance to ride. While there are areas in the council where bicycle parking is needed, installing the hoops at schools where there is a demand will lead to more people riding bicycles in the future – a good thing.

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