Ride to school and help send bikes to developing countries

Australia’s biggest bike party is aiming to do the gift giving this year, with Bicycle Network’s National Ride2School Day working to help World Bicycle Relief send bikes to communities in developing countries.

Schools and students participating in National Ride2School Day are being asked to make donations to World Bicycle Relief who have developed a special Buffalo Bicycle to give mobility to people in remote parts of developing countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Named after the animal that will not be beaten by the harsh African conditions, the Buffalo Bicycle can handle rugged terrain and gives people a way of getting to school, the market and healthcare.

It is made from a steel frame, has special puncture-resistant tyres and a braking system that doesn’t use cables which can be hard to find in Africa. If the bike breaks down, it does not have any parts that are hard to fix or difficult for remote villages to source.

A rear rack has a load capacity of 100kg. It can be loaded with water to bring back to home, or with fruit, vegetables and animals to take to market. It also helps children get an education, with many living kilometres away from school.

The bikes cost $195 each, making them an achievable goal for many schools around Australia.

If every child at a 100-student school brings a $2 donation on National Ride2School Day, the school can deliver a Buffalo Bike to a community in a developing country. Smaller schools can still take donations and contribute to the fundraising pool.

Bicycle Network General Manager of Public Affairs Anthea Hargreaves said it’s a great way for Australian children to who love riding bikes to help students less fortunate.

“National Ride2School Day is all about celebrating the joy of bike riding and introducing people to two wheels. There’s no better way to do this than by helping World Bicycle Relief,” said Ms Hargreaves.

“If every child at a 100-student school brings a $2 donation on National Ride2School Day, the school can deliver a Buffalo Bike to a community in a developing country,” said Ms Hargreaves.

World Bicycle Relief Australia Executive Director, Dagmar Geiger, said World Bicycle Relief believe education is the key to ending the cycle of poverty and disease.

“By keeping children at school, the long-term benefits are measurable. One year of secondary education correlates to 25% higher wages later in life. Girls who finish secondary school are six times less likely to be married as children.

“In the Western World we ride bicycles as a choice, in rural areas in developing countries a bicycle is a necessity to keep children from dropping out of school due to the daily race against time and fatigue.”

As an extra incentive for schools to raise money for World Bicycle Relief, the school that raises the most money will receive a Mega Sports Equipment Pack from the Ride2School team!

Register for National Ride2School Day and support World Bicycle Relief

  1. Register your school for National Ride2School Day on Friday 13 March 2020
  2. Download National Ride2School Day posters to encourage students to get riding
  3. Start fundraising for World Bicycle Relief with the aim of raising $195 to buy a Buffalo Bike for a disadvantaged community. Fundraising ideas include a gold coin donation box, bake sale or free dress day.

If you don't go to school but would still like to support World Bicycle Relief you can do that too – simply click the donate button below and contribute to the cause.

Register for Ride2School Day Donate to World Bicycle Relief
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