Detour at Laurens Street, North Melbourne

Bikes that use the West Melbourne connection from Laurens Street to Adderley Street via North Melbourne Station will be detoured due to construction at Dynon Road.

The route currently goes under Dynon Road where the road crosses a wide spread of rail tracks.

As part of the West Gate Tunnel project there will be both a modified Dynon Road Bridge, and a new totally separated bike and pedestrian bridge alongside it.

These works are now starting, with site set-up and preparation for piling, resulting in the closure of the access route for bikes under Dynon Road along Laurens Street. A small gap for pedestrian access is being retained.

Bikes will be diverted up the short, sharp pinch at the bottom of Queensberry Street to Dryburgh Street, and then along to North Melbourne Station and Adderley Street.

Coming in the other direction, riders will need to be alert to the stop sign at the bottom Queensbury.

Regular riders on the route will recall that the detour was used previously when the City of Melbourne developed the small park in the void under the Dynon Road Bridge.

Signage will be in place to direct riders. The detour will be in place during all of 2020.

Work on the new bike bridge should be underway in April.

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