Commuters keep cycling during coronavirus

While coronavirus continues to affect the way we go about daily life, it has not stopped people from riding bikes.

Bicycle Network counted commuter bike riders on six major cycling routes in Melbourne this morning and compared figures to those from the Super Tuesday count earlier this month on 3 March.

Increases in bike rider numbers were counted at the intersection of Footscray Road and the Moonee Ponds Creek trail as well as Albert and Nicholson streets.

Strong bike rider numbers were also counted on Canning Street, Birrarung Marr and St Kilda Road.

With fewer people using public transport and gyms, swimming pools and social sporting competitions shutting down, riding a bike is proving the best way to get around and stay active.

“A bike helps you get around quickly and easily while avoiding close contact with others. It also helps you keep your physical fitness up which is important for health and can help with immunity," said Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards.

“Bikes have helped us work through all sorts of problems in the past and they’ll be here for us as we get through coronavirus."

For anyone who would like to join the masses and start riding a bike, Bicycle Network has some tips for you.

Even if you're working from home for the time being, a bicycle is the best way to get your daily exercise and is a great excuse to get out of the house.

Tips for riding

  1. Grab yourself a bike - Before you start rolling, you’ll need to give your bike a little TLC. Set it up to your size, pump up the tyres and ensure it’s in good working condition. Make sure you check the brakes too. You’ll also need lights, a bell and helmet. Here's a handy M check to start you off. 
  2. Plan your route - Think about your level of comfort and confidence on the road versus the path or trails and find a route that suits you. It's worth reaching out to friends or colleagues who ride who can help offer advice.
  3. Enjoy the ride - Riding a bike is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Take the time to enjoy the journey and experience the sights, smells and sense of community that comes from being on a bike.

Commuter bike rider count – Tuesday 17 March 2020

  • Footscray Road and Moonee Ponds Trail: 2,054 riders (1,744 on Super Tuesday)
  • Albert and Nicholson Streets: 613 riders (535 on Super Tuesday)
  • Rathdowne and Princes Streets: 1,079 riders (1,318 on Super Tuesday)
  • Canning Street and Capital City Trail: 1,445 riders (1,894 on Super Tuesday)
  • Birrarung Marr: 1,022 riders (1,249 on Super Tuesday)
  • St Kilda Road and Southbank Boulevard: 1,249 riders (1,540 on Super Tuesday)

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