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A Cashback redemption story

Have you heard about Bicycle Network's Cashback program? Launched in October 2019, Cashback is an exclusive program for Bicycle Network members that allows you to earn "bike cash" every time you shop.

You can learn more about how it works in the video at the button of this page.

We recently celebrated our very first membership redemption, where Kate from Victoria renewed her families Bicycle Network membership using $75 bike cash she earned through the Cashback program.

Kate's story

How did you hear about Cashback?

I saw it in an email last year and thought... that seems like a great opportunity!

How have you earned your bike cash?

I've earned most of my bike cash through redeeming Woolworths and Dan Murphy's vouchers in-store, but I am also interested in using it for movie tickets, when the time comes.

Do you use the app or your home computer to buy vouchers?

I use the app on my phone. It's easy to buy a voucher while you're in the store. Sometimes I pre-purchase a voucher before I go to the shops, but even if I leave it to the last minute while waiting in the queue to checkout, the voucher is available immediately.

How easy is it to buy and redeem vouchers?

Extremely easy – my credit card is stored so it is just a matter of going to “buy express vouchers” in the app and it is very self explanatory. 

Thanks Kate!

There you have it, it's that easy according to Kate! 

If you haven't given our Cashback program a chance yet, follow Kate's lead and see just how easy it is to pay off your annual membership for free by earning bike cash every time you shop. 

Bike cash can be earned on regular shopping purchases including groceries, fuel, bike gear and hundreds of different brands in the online shop. The benefits add up quickly – you could be earning hundreds of dollars every year.

Bicycle Network members are automatically signed up, you just need to activate your profile!


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