bikespot 2020
BikeSpot 2020 kicks off

A new interactive map is now available for people who ride and other road users to help identify specific areas for improvement in Victoria.

BikeSpot 2020 is a collaboration between CrowdSpot and the Amy Gillett Foundation, supported by Bicycle Network, where you can add spots to a map that indicate risky or comfortable places to ride, and comment or vote on other spots.

A screenshot from the BikeSpot 2020 interactive map.

As Victoria continues to build towards becoming a world-class bike riding destination, Amy Gillett Foundation chief executive Dan Kneipp considers BikeSpot an essential tool to understand the concerns of all road users.

“We’re excited that a new button has been added to the 2020 app so people who drive can indicate the safe and unsafe spots they experience,” he told the Herald Sun.

“We know drivers can feel nervous when interacting with cyclists and this data will help us understand where this happens on Victorian roads.”

A similar BikeSpot project from 2016 collected over 8,000 submissions to help provide a clear picture of what it was like to ride a bike in Victoria.

The 2016 map revealed Southbank Promenade and Haymarket roundabout (among others) as dangerous hot spots for cyclists, and marked Canning Street, Carlton and Wellington Street in Collingwood as two of the safest areas to ride.

You can learn more about the 2016 results here.

Bicycle Network encourages all Victorian road users to check out the map and make notations about your perception of riding a bike in Victoria.

With Victoria experiencing increasing urban population and transport congestion, making bike riding a more attractive choice is important for future-proofing our cities and towns.

We know that safety is the biggest barrier for people to ride a bike. Initiatives like this are an opportunity to improve our transport network as well as help decision makers identify areas of concern, and help build safer and more sustainable streets for everybody.


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