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Australians keen to ride out coronavirus

A survey of more than 1,000 Australians has shown that people are relying on bicycles more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bicycle Network’s Moving around in the time of COVID-19 survey found that 73 per cent of people will ride their bike more or as much than they typically would. More than 3.4 million Australians ride a bike every week.

Craig Richards, Bicycle Network Chief Executive Officer said that bike riding will be one of the most valuable things to help us get through coronavirus.

“Bikes are a simple solution to some of the world's most complicated problems,” said Mr Richards.

“Current restrictions say we need to limit the number of times we leave home, but we also need to get exercise and do the shopping. With a bike you can do both at once while also limiting contact with other people which will help us flatten the curve so we can get back to our normal lives as quickly as possible.”

And it’s not just everyday people who are relying on bikes, but also our vital healthcare workers. 84 per cent of survey respondents who work in healthcare said they will ride more or the usual amount.

“Our doctors, nurses and chemists need to be able to move around freely and the bike is the easiest way to do that.”

“This has been well recognised in London where National Healthcare Service workers have been given free access to public bikes,” added Mr Richards.

Bicycle Network encourages anyone looking for easy ways to stay active and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic to give bike riding a go.

“Our governments have made it clear that going for a bike ride is a good thing to do, as long you physically distance yourself from others and don’t go out with other people.”

Other results from Bicycle Network’s survey show that only 5 per cent of respondents will use public transport at this time. Majority of people said bike riding would be their preferred type of exercise, ahead of walking and running or working out at home.

Bicycle Network has tips and advice for people wanting to ride during the coronavirus pandemic.

Moving around in the time of COVID-19 survey results
  • 73 per cent are planning to use a bicycle to access essential services (shops, healthcare, work and education) in the coming weeks and months
  • 84 per cent of healthcare workers said they would ride their bike more or the same amount
  • Most respondents (39 per cent) said that they will be riding a bike outdoors to get their daily exercise. 
  • 36 per cent of females said that they would be riding more during the time of COVID-19, compared to 27 per cent of males.

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