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Australians have become more and more used to using subscription services for everyday products such as razor blades or underpants, but now a new subscription service has ridden into the market.

You can now become an e-bike subscriber, off setting the up-front cost of an electric bike and removing the need to worry about things like repairs and breakdowns.

Melbourne-based company Lug & Carrie have e-bikes available from $44 a week that can work for anyone looking to improve their journey.

“We want to make it really simple for people to use electric bikes for everyday transport said Benjamin Carr, co-founder of Lug & Carrie.

“So, we offer high quality, really useful electric city and cargo bikes. No lock in contracts, with breakdown assistance and maintenance included”.

You can start off with a basic e-bike to get you to and from work and add on racks and bags if you want to carry things. If you want to go for a completely car free life and bring your mates or kids along for a ride you can get a bike more suited to cargo, with a rack and seats.

A Lug & Carrie subscription e-bike in action. Lug & Carrie subscribers get access to Bicycle Network's Rider Rescue service.

Lug & Carrie look after maintenance with help from Good Cycles and you can alter your subscription any time to change bikes or cancel if it isn’t working for you.

You’ll also have peace of mind that if anything happens on the road you can get home safely or taken to a Good Cycles repair centre.

As of Thursday 9 April, Bicycle Network’s Rider Rescue roadside assistance service comes with every Lug & Carrie subscription. If your bike breaks down or you can’t go any further, you can call the Rider Rescue service line and a car will be sent to pick you up.

“Lug & Carrie help break down all sorts of barriers for people who want to start riding a bike and using sustainable transport,” said Rider Rescue product manager Ethan Kusch.

“As well as taking away the expensive cost of buying an e-bike, Lug & Carrie subscribers now have nothing to worry about when they jump on the bike and start pedalling.”

Lug & Carrie bikes are supplied by Tern. The bikes come with GPS tracking, an alarm system and high-quality lock.

Bicycle Network’s Rider Rescue service is also available to members and anyone who owns and rides their own bike. You can join Rider Rescue from $45 per year which includes up to 10 call outs anywhere in Australia.

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Click here to read more about Bicycle Network’s Rider Rescue service.

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