Beware of the concrete pumper

Riders heading north on Swanston Street will confront a major concrete pumper installation in Swanston Street.

The presence of the unit, at the huge Metro Station construction site at the corner of La Trobe Street, should be manageable provided riders and the construction crews take care.

The initial set-up of the site, just started, and underway for some weeks, will require riders to be watchful.

There will be road closures at various times.

Water barriers and bollards are being installed on the road, line marking will be underway, and tram poles removed.

Some trucks may be making u-turns in Swanston Street while the pumper site is being established.

A map showing the concrete pump installation that will affect the Swanston Street bike route.

The pumper facility is expected to be in place for about three years once operational.

Fortunately, as riders are heading north in Swanston Street from the tram stop outside the State Library, there are no cars or trucks in the lane with them.

This should mean that bikes will have sufficient space in the traffic lane to get by the pumper without any dramas.

Caution will be needed, however, as concrete trucks will be regularly backing in to, and pulling out of, the pumper.

Traffic controllers will be managing the pumper zone.

The site will demand very large volumes of concrete as construction of the future State Library Station proceeds.