Planning for United Energy Around the Bay and Great Vic continues

Since the last rider crossed the finish line last year, we’ve been deep in planning for this year’s United Energy Around the Bay.

We wanted a refresh for our 2020 edition. While the bay riding experience that’s captured Melbourne’s heart for the last 28 years is still at the centre of the event, we heard your feedback and have been working on simplifying the event offerings so it’s easy for you to choose your ride distance, get started and enjoy one of the best days you’ll have on your bike all year.

Those plans are ready to go – we’re excited to say we’ve got new route options that showcase the landmarks, coastline and roads we know you want to ride. We’ve reshaped our rest area experiences based on the type of riding you’re doing, and we’ve got one hell of a celebration planned for our Albert Park event village.

We know you’re keen to hear all about it, but we’re going to keep you waiting just a little while longer. While we’re pumped and ready to launch, with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, we’re going to hold tight for now.

We want to be respectful of the work our government and our front-line workers are doing to keep us safe, and we want to make sure you’ll have full confidence that when you purchase your ticket, you’ll be riding in October.

We promise it’ll be worth the wait. So hold on to your handlebars, and get ready to ride on!

Great Vic planning still rolling

We're also still working on the Great Vic Bike Ride and we can't wait to visit the art silos and Grampians in Western Victoria.

The Great Vic is as much fun for the places we visit as it if for us who ride it and it also has huge financial benefits. These will be even more important this year after regional Victoria's horrible bushfire season and now the impact of coronavirus. 

We think we could be in for classic Great Vic as people look for special holiday experiences locally rather than overseas.

We're working with the local councils, tourism groups and stakeholders and as soon as we can give you more information about this year's ride we will.  

The 2020 Great Vic Bike Ride is due to spend its first night in Rainbow on Saturday 28 November then visits Brim, Horsham (two nights), Halls Gap (two nights), Dunkeld and Pomonal before finishing in Great Western on Sunday 6 December.

You will be able to get tickets for the full ride, the first five days or last three days of ride.

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