Show support for more space to ride in Moreland

Moreland City Council in Melbourne's north will tonight vote on a plan to create more space for people to ride, walk and maintain physical distancing during COVID-19 restrictions.

When councillors meet tonight they will vote on a motion about repurposing road space to create bike lanes and give pedestrians more space to pass each other or when queuing to enter a shop or business.

The motion proposes that some car parking spaces be removed and changes to clearway times made so road space can be used by people on bikes and foot.

Low-cost methods would be used to designate and protect space, including the use of planter boxes and platforms.

A number of other changes that are part of the council's 2019 transport strategy would also be made

This includes reducing speed limits on local streets to 40km/h, trialling 30km/h speed limits in some specific locations and giving riders and walkers priority at signals and crossings.

If you live in Moreland or visit the area, including the Sydney Road precinct, you can contact councillors to show your support for the repurposing of road space to make riding, walking and physical distancing easier.

Contact Moreland councillors

North West ward

South ward

North East ward

Read more about the proposed plan in the council meeting agenda.

For more information about how and why councils should create more space to ride during coronavirus restrictions you can visit our campaign page.

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