Bikes palmed off Yarra Trail

The move of a couple of stately palm trees will close a section of the Yarra Trail near the rowing sheds next week.

The City of Melbourne is relocating the palms a few hundred metres up river where they will stand sentinel over riders along the path for decades to come.

There is a short detour for riders during the closure.

The trail is expected to be closed for several days, including fencing, crane set up and take down, and tree removal and replanting, during the complicated procedure.

Large mobile cranes are required to lift the trees, and as they are tall, semi-trailers are need to move them along Boathouse Drive to their new home.

Riders will have noticed that there is already construction activity in the area as Metro Tunnel occupies the Peppercorn Lawn area.

The City has decided to make the tree move at the same time.

The detour takes riders up to St Kilda Road, and across at the pedestrian crossing, then through the lane around the back of Hamer Hall, to connect again with the Yarra at Southbank.

Riders should not that the lanes through the Arts Centre property is a pedestrian route, therefor riders will be wise to walk their bikes through this gap.

At the replanting site further up river, if riders are already on the lower trail along the river edge, they will be able to continue further until the rowing sheds.

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