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Motorcycles get their marching orders

The City of Melbourne will this month take the first tentative steps to rid its footpaths of the scourge of parked motorcycles.

With their fossil-fuelled sense of entitlement, motorcycles have imperiously colonised scarce footpath space across the CBD.

And as riders will have noticed, this can include the space at bicycle parking rails.

The move was signalled last year as part of the 2030 transport strategy, and to make it more palatable, 151 new on-street motorcycle parking spaces are being made available by converting 36 car parking spaces into free motorcycle parking.

In a statement the council says removing the motorcycles from busy streets will "create more space for people to walk on overcrowded footpaths near train stations and on narrow streets, especially at peak times."

Implementation of the changes will be complete by mid-June. New parking signs and line marking will be installed at these sites.

Motorcycles will no longer be able to park on footpaths in the following locations, on both sides of the road:

  • William Street (between La Trobe and Bourke streets)
  • Bourke Street (between William and Spencer streets)
  • Collins Street (between King and Spencer streets)
  • Little Bourke Street (between Swanston and Queen streets)
  • Little Collins Street (between Elizabeth and Queen streets)
  • Flinders Lane (between Elizabeth and Queen streets)
  • Flinders Street (between Elizabeth and Queen streets)
  • Elizabeth Street (between Collins and Flinders streets)

"Melbourne’s population is growing and the way people move about the city is changing”, the City says.

"More people now take public transport, cycle or walk and 89 per cent of trips in the central city are taken on foot.

"Our Transport Strategy 2030 outlines our commitment to optimize our streets to make it easier for people to move around.

"As one of the key actions, the installation of new motorcycle spaces will reduce congestion on footpaths and provide much needed additional motorcycle parking in the central city."

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