New Federation Trail detour at Fogarty Avenue
New Federation Trail detour at Fogarty Avenue

The removal of the Muir Street overpass across the Westgate Freeway this weekend will necessitate a change in the current detour for the Federation Trail.

The good news is that the new detour is an old detour that many riders will be familiar with.

And the new link, along Fogarty Avenue, is better than last time riders used it.

The section of the Trail between Fogarty Avenue and Millers Road has been closed during the West Gate Tunnel project, requiring bikes to detour to Blackshaws Road via the Muir Street overpass.

But with the overpass gone, and Fogarty Avenue accessible again, riders can continue along Fogarty, under the Freeway, around The Avenue into Kernot Street, Kingsville, and back on to the signed Blackshaws Road detour.

Originally, a new overpass was due to be in place when the old one was removed, however the new overpass, with its continuous curves, is tricky to manufacture, and won’t be in place until later in the year.

Getting to Fogarty Avenue may be a little indirect for a while, as a separate electricity project will also be working in the area.

The detours will be signed in both directions.

Pedestrians will be able to take advantage of a temporary shuttle bus connecting Yarraville to Kingsville.

A second overpass at Rosala Avenue in Altona North will also be removed over the weekend.

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