Pontoons on the Moonee Ponds Creek
Pontoons on the Moonee Ponds Creek

This week riders on the trail along the lower Moonee Ponds Creek may be surprised to find themselves on a pontoon floating on the water.

Temporary pontoon bridges will be in place from tomorrow, 3 June to divert riders across to the other side of the creek while the permanent trail is closed for works associated with the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Another pontoon downstream will take them back to the other side and onto the trail again, after crossing Dynon Road at a new signalised crossing.

The temporary crossings are just upstream and just downstream from Dynon Road.

Riders along the trail recently may have noticed the pontoon structures being assembled.

They will be anchored to the bottom of the creek and are expected to be stable. Railings will prevent riders pedalling off into the drink.

The surface was chosen to ensure it would not be slippery in wet or frosty conditions during the cooler months.

Ramps onto, and off, the pontoons should be safe, and hopefully without the sharp, bone-rattling bumps on the Main Yarra Trail pontoons.

None-the-less riders should exercise due care throughout the detour.

Riders on Dynon Road should note that the footpath on the bridge over the Moonee Ponds Creek will be closed. Use the detour route where it crosses Dynon Road at the new signalised pedestrian crossing.

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