Seafarers Park bike path
Seafarers Rest Park needs careful bike provision

Work is underway to design a new urban park adjacent to a popular bike route, a task that needs care to avoid potential friction.

The proposed Seafarers Rest Park will be on the Yarra north bank next to the Seafarers Bridge.

It will be a great asset to nearby residents and workers, as well as for bike riders who ride the trails along the river.

The Seafarers Bridge has become a popular option for riders since the opening of the Jim Steynes Bridge just to the south, which provides a good connection through to the trail heading west through Docklands.

The other alternative, the Eel Trap Bridge, while a great structure to photograph, has proved to be poorly designed for people on bikes.

It is positive that the preliminary designs for the Seafarers Rest Park have recognised the significance of this desire line for bikes along the Shed 5 waterfront, and have avoided clutter.

They are also proposing that bike riders have access through to Wurundjeri Way. This will be an important link in the future as there are large developments in this area that will be generating many bike commuters that will require access through to the Yarra corridor bike routes.

Making this connection will require skill to ensure that bikes and people on foot are not tripping over each other as they move through this area.

The project is out to community consultation. Have you say on the draft design by 15 July.


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