Clarence cycling links coming along

Clarence City Council unveiled a new shared path on Rosny Hill Rd last month and is working on improvements to the Foreshore Trail around Montagu Bay, helping to improve and connect its cycle network.

The new Rosny Hill Rd path provides a quicker connection than the long, winding Foreshore Trail for riders from Rose Bay, Lindisfarne and Geilston Bay wanting to cross the Tasman Highway to get to shopping centres and Rosny College.

Riders can head to the corner of East Derwent and Tasman highways where an existing shared path takes them up past Rose Bay High and the City View hotel, then over the Tasman Highway to meet the new path down along Rosny Hill Road.

At the end of the new path riders can cut through the car park to get to the Rosny shopping area or go up over the pedestrian bridge to Rosny College and the Foreshore Trail, where a left-turn takes them to the Bellerive shopping area.

Light poles currently in the middle of the path still have to be removed which will be happening in coming weeks. Until that happens the council has painted them yellow and is putting reflective tape around them.

It’s encouraging to see Clarence Council investing in separated transport cycling infrastructure as well as its recreational paths.

The Foreshore Trail work that started this month is on the section around Montagu Bay to better align the path and upgrade the surface to concrete. The work is due to be finished at the end of June.

As people walking and riding are being asked to use Rosny Esplanade to avoid the works, the council has dropped the speed limit to 40 km/h and put up signage for to be aware of increased pedestrian and cycling use.

The council has been waiting on Montagu Bay Primary School to finalise a site plan for its grounds before it upgrades the section of path passing the school.

The Foreshore Trail has seen a jump in use by bicycle riders during March–May this year so the improvements should be welcomed by those still riding the route in the remaining winter months and beyond.

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