shrine to sea
Planning starts for Shrine to Sea trail

The concept of developing a bike and pedestrian link along the boulevards from the Shrine of Remembrance to Port Phillip Bay is moving ahead with work due to start soon on a master plan for the project.

The link has been conceived as starting at St Kilda Road at one end, and travelling along Albert Road, adjacent to Albert Park, and then via Kerford Road to Beaconsfield Parade at the beach.

It would connect to a number of attractions and join a number of other popular bike routes along the way.

Funding for the project was announced some years ago. It has now been handed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) who will be lead agency on the project.

DELWP is working in partnership with the City of Port Phillip, the Department of Transport, and Parks Victoria to deliver the project.

Previously, Parks Victoria undertook a community engagement exercise where responses indicated the community wanted safe, accessible walking and cycling paths as a priority, as well as better road crossings, landscaping and character reflective of local history and Aboriginal culture.

Recently, a comprehensive feature survey has been completed, providing essential information regarding current conditions, such as the slope and level of land, location of buildings, roads and important landmarks.

Aerial footage has been captured to assist with planning and meetings and briefings with key stakeholders have started.

Site visits have been occurring along the length of the route, assessing trail connections and safety issues, ways to increase urban cooling and greening through new plantings, and opportunities to increase use of open space areas, such as the linear parkland along the 970 x 20 metre Kerferd Road Boulevard.

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