burnley street
Changed conditions on Burnley Street

The Hawthorn Sewer upgrade project has sneaked across the border into Richmond, where some minor impacts will be expected on people riding bikes.

A section of the sewer under Murphy Street is being re-lined, requiring a temporary by-pass sewer to be installed along parallel Palmer Street.

This will require the temporary closure of the bike lanes on Palmer Street, which are little used due to 90 degree angle parking in the street (what were they thinking!).

Riders can use Murphy Street and Burnley Street instead.

Several manholes in Burnley Street will need accessing during the works. The southbound bike lane on Burnley Street will remain open with localised detours around work zones.

Preparation for the relining works, including the installation of a temporary sewer bypass are scheduled to start Monday 29 June and take up to two weeks to complete.

The relining works are set to begin on Sunday 12 July and will run for 24 hours a day until completed, which will take around three days.

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