CBD to get new bike hub

Melbourne’s CBD is set for a new bike hub to be developed as part of a new social enterprise cluster on Flinders Street.

The $600,000 project is being delivered by Good Cycles, with support from the City of Melbourne.

The activities will be based in an area called Customs Square, which is across Flinders Street from the Historic Customs House, now the Immigration Museum, under the railway viaduct.

Customs Square has traditionally been problematic—a large dead-space and has attracted social issues. 

Consultants have devised a structure comprised of 16 sound attenuated shipping containers that would house, in addition to the bike shop, a number of operations providing employment and services, along with offices, shops and food outlets.

Good Cycles was a partner in the launch of Jump bike share. The social enterprise also operates certain street services for the City Melbourne using cargo bikes.

Jaison Hoernel, CEO of Good Cycles, said central to the activation and in line with City of Melbourne’s Transport strategy, is the delivery of promotion and education about active transport, including information on routes around the city.

Also envisaged is a parking facility that could be utilised on a short term basis by city visitors.

Hoernel also sees opportunities for the hub to play a role in the growing business of micropayments logistics — cargo bike operations, the food delivery bikes and couriers.

Such a hub could provide product logistics and other services for emissions free delivery throughout the CBD.

“We’ll be promoting the benefits of riding a bike – not only is it great for our wellbeing but it contributes to reducing carbon emissions and congestion by replacing vehicles on the street”, he said.

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