Royal Park improvements ready to start

Following COVID delays, landscape improvement work at Royal Park that will improve the park environment and also the experience for riders is set to start on 15 February.

A detour, which will be in place soon, takes riders through the park alongside Old Poplar Road, The Avenue and back via Poplar Road.

The detour is somewhat convoluted, however City of Melbourne insists it is the safest option for riders.

See the map here.

When finished, the landscaping work shop improve the trail for riders.

Riders on the Capital City Trail/Upfield Trail will be familiar with the section on the approach to the Royal Park Railway Station at the Zoo, where one can be surprised by walkers with golf bags unexpectedly emerging from the scrub.

Off the trail, further back in the Park is an informal car parking area and golfers, and other visitors to the area park and then cut through to the trail at multiple locations, causing a hazard to riders zipping down the hill.

This problem should be rectified by the new landscaping works, which will form a barrier of ponds that should restricted access.

The golfers and others will then have to use connecting paths to get on to the trail.

They will still be on the trail at times, but at least they will have a defined pathway entry.

The City of Melbourne last year commissioned a discussion paper on transport in Royal Park which identified numerous problems arising from poorly planned access and parking, and proposing to remove roads, expand parkland, and improve the circulation network for visitors on bikes and foot.

The City is now developing a new masterplan for the park.

The ponds to be installed near the trail will function as retention basins, to prevent unwanted run-off through the parks, and consequent erosion.

They will also serve to clean the water before it moves into the drainage system.

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