Yarra Trail riders stranded

The Collins Bridge at Gipps Street is closed for eight weeks for repairs, shutting off a vital crossing of the Yarra for many riders and pedestrians.

The structure is located at the notorious Gipps Street steps.

The closure will mean that riders will need to travel on busy streets through Abbotsford to reconnect to the trail on the west bank to get to the Convent, and the Merri Creek Trail, as going via the Walmer Street Bridge along the east bank will not link back to the trail during the closure.

The bridge, which is nearing the end of its service life, is being patched up to give it a few more years of use.

The main span is getting steel reinforcements, the deck will be replaced, and the structure painted.

According to information from the City of Yarra, there will be signs indicating an alternate route.

However it seems that route is along the east side of the river.

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