A brighter ride on the Gardiners Creek Trail?

Way back in the dim, dark past, riders on the Gardiners Creek Trail witnessed a new light entering their lives when lighting was installed along the path in Glen Iris.

In those times the trail could be hard to navigate after dark, with not much illumination other than our own, sometimes suspect, bike lights.

But the authorities came to the party and installed a series of lights along a section the trail between Nettleton Park and June Street in the interests of safety and security for riders and pedestrians.

Now the Department of Transport plans to evaluate their effectiveness and it wants your feedback.

As the lights were installed back in 2014, there must have been plenty of riders who have made use of the now-illuminated path in recent years, and who have an opinion on how successful the lights are.

(You will be forgiven if your memory of the pre-2014 conditions has, ahh, dimmed.)



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