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Ring Road Trail to get crossing upgrade

A horror crossing point on the M80 Ring Road Trail will be fixed as part of the level crossing removals project at Fitzgerald Road in Ardeer.

The M80 Trail was never a high standard facility, and numerous widenings and alterations of the freeway over the years have hardly improved things.

One of the worst sections was where the trail crosses both the rail line and Forest Road at Ardeer, right at the location where busy Fitzgerald Road terminates at Forest Road—a real dog’s breakfast.

Bicycle Network for years argued for a better crossing design, but to no avail.

Now, the latest plans for the removal of there level crossing show a much improved experience for riders in the future. As the project requires a planning approval, the plans are open for feedback.

You can give feedback here.

The illustrations show Fitzgerald Road crossing the rail line and Forest Road, on a bridge, and then curling back in the opposite direction to a T-intersection with Forest Road.

The M80 trail alignment is moved to align with new bridge and the path runs across the new bridge, adjacent to but separated from the traffic lanes. Riders then can choose to turn off the bridge ramp and re-join the M80 trail proper, or continue on the link up with the trail along Forest Road.

This junction is important as both of these routes have been identified as key cycling corridors as Melbourne grows into the outer western suburbs.

The trail along Forest Road is planned to continue and will become a future link along the Regional Rail Link all the way to Wyndham Vale.

In this precinct the Forest Road Trail runs to the north of the road and to the south of the rail line. Details of how bikes cross back over to the Forest Road trail are currently sketchy with the artists impressions and the map providing differing explanations, perhaps because of the path required to the bus stop.

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