The wheels keep turning

John Fuller has always had a love of all sports, cycling, footy, basketball, ten-pin bowling, karate, surfing ... you name it, John probably has had a kick, hit, spin, tap, punch, knock, throw, jump, bounce, serve, ride, hop, pass, or shot. But, it's watching the Tigers (AFL) and cycling that he enjoys the most.

His riding journey began in his early years, as shown in this photo when he was three years old in a tin car. He eventually graduated to two wheels thanks to the girl next door who gifted him her old Malvern Star, and he's never looked back.

A young John Fuller riding in his tin car.

In these recent hard times, John has continued to keep fit and active by riding his bike and keeping up his training for Around the Bay.

John has been doing Around the Bay for nearly 20 years and really looks forward to the challenge that each year throws at him. Despite headwinds, flat tyres, bugs in the face and injuries, he always comes through with sheer determination - he loves a physical challenge.

John is a quiet achiever, when he sets himself a goal, he achieves it. With one of those goals, to become the oldest person to ride Around the Bay.

This year John has to celebrate his 70th birthday in isolation, but he will never let that get in the way of a good ride to beat the iso blues.

Happy 70th birthday dad and poppy, we hope you can enjoy bike riding for many more years to come.

John Fuller riding United Energy Around the Bay 2019.

John celebrates his 70th birthday in July 2020. This story was written by his son, John Fuller.

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