People's Climate Strategy for Victoria

Environmental group Friends of the Earth is asking Victorians to complete a climate impacts survey to assist a submission to the state government's climate strategy.

The survey asks people about their observations of climate and environmental changes and perceptions about things that contribute to carbon emissions—including transport.

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Transport is one the great contributors to climate change and was responsible for more than 18% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

However, if you ride a bike you are doing something to help this. Every kilometre we ride instead of drive saves more than 240 grams of carbon.

Bicycle Network is encouraging Australians who are interested in doing something to reduce their carbon footprint to #ParkitforthePlanet on Wednesday 26 August and swap out a car trip for a bike ride.

Park it for the Planet is inspired by the ABC's upcoming three-part series Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge and asks people to pledge a ride and show how much we can reduce our emissions by riding bikes.

park it for the planet
Park it for the Planet - 26 August

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