Slip-sliding across the great divide

Riders are reminded to be cautious when using the temporary pontoon bridges across the Moonee Ponds Creek near Dynon Road in West Melbourne.

Several riders have taken a spill in wet conditions when attempting to cross the centre line into the oncoming lane.

They report that their wheels have slipped on the rubber strip that runs down the centre line of the pontoons.

The bridges actually comprise two floating pontoon structures that are joined by the rubber strip that enables them to float independently.

Bicycle Network has tested out the decking and the rubber join and although our tyres did not slip, clearly others have, suggesting that there is definitely a risk for some riders.

We are working with the contractors responsible for the installation of the crossings to find a way to improve safety for riders across the pontoons.

In the meantime, caution is advised, in particular when there is rain about.

Reports indicate that riders who have fallen have crossed the centreline on the bridge to pass pedestrians and other riders.

The bridges are short, and wide, so crossing the centre line should not always be necessary. And there is signage that advises against it.

But if you must, this is what we suggest: As a Melburnian you have no doubt learned your lessons on how to deal with wet tram tracks: cross carefully at a wide angle with no swerving or braking.

Same here. If you must cross onto the oncoming lane in wet conditions, treat the rubber join as if it were a tram track.

And if you hear of any incident on this or any other facility, make sure you report it through to Bicycle Network.

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