Park it for the Planet and get quaxing

Have you heard of quaxing? It's the easiest way to reduce your transport carbon emissions and you can start tomorrow on Park if for the Planet day.

Quaxing is all about using your bike to transport things, particularly grocery shopping. It's a great way of turning what many people think must be a car trip into a zero emissions bike ride.

The art of quaxing dates back to 2015 when New Zealand politician Dick Quax said on Twitter that people can't do their weekly shopping on a bike.

Twitter bit back, with many people telling Mr Quax that they do indeed do their shopping on a bike. He was then honoured with the practice being named after him and many people sharing photos of their loaded bicycles.

Since then, people have pushed the boundaries with their quaxing, attempting to transport not only groceries on their bike but everything from flatpack furniture to whitegoods.

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If you haven't tried it before, Park it for the Planet day on Wednesday 26 August is the perfect time to give a quaxing a go.

You don't have to start by moving furniture around, but you can easily do some shopping. If you have a basket on your bike that is great, but you can also just use a backpack.

If more people start replacing short car trips to the shops with easy bike rides we will start reducing our transport carbon emissions – every kilometre that you ride instead of drive saves 243 grams of carbon.

Check out quaxing online to get inspired, register your Park it for the Planet ride and help us reduce our carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.

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You can read more about quaxing here

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